Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Davis Graveyard circa 2005

...funny the things you find when you click on the old links on the Davis House blog.

Here are pictures of the Davis Graveyard display in 2005, prior to the church facade.....lovely, not so scary garage in the back ground.

And wow....hardly any props in the yard and look at those flood lights...and pitiful fog :D

Only four mud men?!?!?  Wow, I don't even remember that time....

And I would like to say that that is the most pitiful mausoleum in the world....but that is version four....we built three others before that that were {{shudder}} completely dreadful!  It looks like we were even set up for a ghost effect in that one.....really how did we do that.....and wait, don't tell me there is a blucky in that coffin!! Noooooooo!

Okay, that is enough for now.....sorry about that everyone, thanks for humoring me! :D

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