Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It looks so harmless now

Here is a picture of the panels for the abbey - all assembled and ready to carve and decorate...see it does not look like that big of  a deal that the moment and it does not seem to take up much space.

Ha!  That is how it always starts.....draws you in and you just keep adding to it until it is three or four times it's least that is what the last church facade did :D

Here  is another view....what are all those tables?

Oh, yeah, we are having a wedding in the yard this weekend.  Let me tell you, it has been like Grand Centeral Station at the graveyard with both the abbey build and the wedding prep going on!  Looking forward to just focusing on Halloween for a while.

To see the other side of the Davis Graveyard - the actual yard, when it is not being haunted.  Check out the pictures at the Haunted Gardens blog.

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