Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It has been too long

without the Frog Queen posting LOLcats.....but after a dry spell of "not so funny" posts....these cracked me up...., not saying they are really funny....could be my lack of sleep talking......enjoy...unless you hate cats and I am sure if that is the case you already clicked off this post :D

"Regret" is not a word in the cat vocabulary.
Godzilla has nothing on the kitties!

Replace cute gray Persian with "Halloween Cat" and you will understand why I do not have a dog!
How many times can you watch that movie before they call it "stalking"?

Enjoy your day my blog friends!!!


  1. Every one a winner! Have fun this weekend -- then do you get to rest for awhile?

  2. I am probably an official stalker of both Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.
    Not that there is anything wrong with stalking....
    Love the kittehs.
    Enjoy Portland - wish I could go. Looking forward to seeing every one's pictures.

  3. LOL; I never get tired of lolcats. The Persian cat's expression is priceless.


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