Thursday, May 24, 2012

Proof that Dorie is evil

and has mind controlling powers (just like every other cat in the universe!)

The other night, one of the fabulous people that we are helping make the West Coast Haunters Convention fabulous...stopped by our house to chat.

She knew us, but not the house and its contents... mainly "the cats" - almost all of you know Hal, and he is happy with fact, I believe that is his mind control be the center of every photograph and video shoot.

Yes, cats are evil.  I think that is why I have three.

Where was I?....oh yeah, Dor.

So a friend was over and she (Dor) was being uncharacteristically present while we are talking (she is usually the "hiding" type) - but tonight she was being all kinds of misbehaving, which is the side of her husband and I are quite familiar with....but she rarely shares with strangers.

We (innocently) thought, isn't she being cute!!??

Dorie showing her standard "I hope you all die soon" face!
We were wrong....she was working the room!!

Clever b******tch!!!  Color the frog queen especially impressed.

She convinced a person that had never been in our house to open the cabinet where the cats treats are provide her with said treats!! kidding!

...pick me up off the floor.......really?!

After being all cute and innocent....which by the way was an Oscar worthy performance for anyone that knows Dor (look at that picture...yeah, hard to believe that cat can look cute, don't fall for it my blog friends!!).......she goes up to the door where the cat food and treats are and paws at the door, and bats those cute yellow eyes.

I have seen this routine 100 times....I did not buy it the first time. How could anyone fall for this....Dor, there is no way this is going to work.......silly gray monster cat......

I helped the situation by saying........that she is doing that because that is where the treats are....she is just working you.

(In my head I am saying.........don't fall for it silly human!!!)

Before I can tell her not to fall for it, she is opening the cabinet and getting her treats!

What the.......damn, Dorie is goooooood!!

I am only jealous because I suspect, there is a small chance, she is more spoiled than me.


I believe I am starting to have an issue with two Divas in the same house.......I worked hard for this crown and there is no way I am sharing it with a seven pound, likely demon host, gray ball of fur......

...mark my words, Dor......

...not going to happen.   :D


  1. You might as well accept it: cats rule the universe, we are here to serve them and to admire their impressive intellect and fur. And, yes, to give them treats.

    I want to be evil, too. I want a kitty ;-(

  2. The gauntlet has been thrown down . . . . CAT FIGHT!!!! $10 on Dorie. Sorry, Frog Queen.

  3. Dor is definitely coming into her own lately! :D

  4. I loooove Dorie. Is he named in the honour of Dorian Gray?

  5. Cats use their fuzzy, purring cuteness to lure their people (aka slaves) to their doom. {this said as a large orange monster blinks at me from my lap and clearly says "mmmm, treats"}

  6. Awww, but she's so cuuute! That furry little head and those pretty yellow eyes! Staring at you, waiting for you to die so she can feast upon your corpse.

  7. Proof? you need proof??? but it's worth it, she's just so cute... uh, in an evil sort of way!


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