Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When you take a breath

and actually pay attention to what people said about you...a while ago.

Here is an interview/article for the Davis Graveyard from last year.....I am really sad that I missed this one, this has to be the best example of our interviews...you know, what you say does not always end up in the interview....but she did a great job.

I have done so many interviews that have been.....not what I said, not wrong...just not the angle I was going for.  Not that they are bad....just missing the details that I thought were important......

Thanks for reminding me what this Davis Graveyard display is about.


BTW - Hal made me write this...cause any review that mentions him, is the best review EVER :D

Must do what evil the cat says.......


  1. What a great article! It compliments you guys perfectly :)

  2. Excellent article! i can tell you from two decades in government the media never print the things you think are important. it's all about perspective I guess. You and your husband should be proud of what you have given to the community.

  3. Will read it tomorrow I hope. Oh and I looooove your cat.

  4. A very well written article indeed; I really enjoyed it. I'm a very big fan of your haunt and even keep one of the photos featured on haunted attraction magazine's website from your display as my desktop background.

    1. Wow, thanks so much for the kind words!!!!

      And of course, Hal now says you are one of his favorite people in the world :D



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