Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A crypt of our own

If I have not said it today - then I will say it again.  I have the best crew in the whole Halloween world.

One of my crew did most of the work on this new prop for the yard (but primarily for the party, because at night the screen for the children ghosts will cover it.)

For years I have hated that you can see the fence to the patio garden from the street during the day.....and the fact that you can see part of the shop, and husband thinks I am crazy for wanting to paint the shop back (roof and all) or covering it with a really large piece of fabric, you know Christo and Jeane-Claude style.)  

So this year we decided to build a crypt wall.  It is four 4x8 panels covered with foam, textured, painted with trim and name plaques added.

My clever crew thought it would be fun to put the crews last names on the crypts.

Here you can see that it is four 4x8 panels attached.

Thelin (the creator)




Davis (see only room for two, no kids...I like that :D)

Westerman-Black...this one is an inside joke (chuckle)

As you can see we attached the trim, doors and plaques on most of them.  But the two that are on a seam had to have the those bits attached by magnets so they can be removed for storage.

And for the record.  This is the FIRST prop to have color.  As you can see there is red on the bricks.....that is only because this one is not in the yard and more of a piece for our party decor.

We even have a super special feature (happy accident) that was created when we set this up.  I might tell you about it if you are nice :)

I will post more pictures of the back and how the trim is installed.

A couple of our friends commented on where their name was....don't worry, as you can see we have more fence to cover.  There is plenty of room at the graveyard.....and by the way, you should not be in such a hurry to join us :D

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