Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So I ask husband....is a bruise technically blood "shed"?

I mean, it got out of the veins, just not out of my body, if so I think I made a large sacrifice to the Halloween gods."

This is the point that husband mutes the TV and says "What did you just ask me?  And why?"

Well, I was thinking about posting how the abbey tried to kill me during set up this weekend.  I have this huge bruise on my arm from one of the panels.

Then I thought about it.

I actually ran into the panel (with my usual grace and style so I am so glad we do not film at the Graveyard - or I would be very entertaining on YouTube), so technically....

I really should say I tried to kill the abbey and it was just defending itself.

I bent down to pick up something stood up and leaned forward at the same time...right into a corner of one of the panels.  I think he took it as a hostel attack, obviously unaware of my famous clumsiness, because he did not budge an inch.  In fact...I think it lunged forward into my arm.  Sure looks like it.

I learned again that us humans are soft and squishy and a wood 1x3 frame is hard and pointy.  Ouch!

I just want the abbey to know that I am sorry, I did not mean to attach you and I promise to be nicer to you in the future.

I think husband felt more sorry for the abbey panel than for me.  Let's hope that it starts to get cooler, because my short sleeved days are over for a few weeks - otherwise husband is going to get some nasty looks from strangers.  Not from our friends, because everyone knows what a klutz I am :D

Anyway...the abbey frame is up and we are working on replace the archway trim and updating the front of the abbey again.  Some projects never end!

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