Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Que the Spinal Tap music

So earlier this year one of our favorite students referred someone to us that needed a Stonehenge facade.  It is a local card company called Stonehenge Designs here in Portland.  They needed it for a show and thought we could help.

Yeah, we can do that.

The design is actually based on the real stones - cause we are that good.

We used our magnet technique so that they would connect together and also so they could be magnetized to the booth.  We are a clever group.

Since it was foam, it needed a crate to ship it to the shows....husband created these great plywood crates.

Of course it has our logo....and I was nice enough to cut there logo out for a stencil also.

Lot of fun and something a little different.  Now, if someone would pay us to do a life-size Stonehenge!

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