Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's here the post that you have all been waiting for

Speaking of the devil, the real, actual devil. :)

The John Tesh post reminded me about the one person I wish would burst into flames, get taken by the "rapture", anything, just get his sorry ass of this planet, and into the spirit world he claims to be so familiar with.

If you know me, and some of you do. You know of whom I speak

John Edward - the Crossing Over guy. His name can drive me into a rant faster than...well, anything I can think of right now :) He cannot talk to dead people. I thought Houdini took care of this kind of nonsense years ago.

I would say I apologize if any of you believe his bullshit, but I am not sorry for offending you. I am sorry for you. :)

This man is a fraud. His "gift" can be explained......

It is called "cold reading" (or warm reading if you studio is micro phoned well :) You can do it too, just buy books on it, go to websites and learn a few short tricks and you too can be, as South Park put it, "the biggest douche in the universe" - not my favorite word to use (mostly because I am not two guys pretending to be 8 year olds) but you get the idea.

Now, I know there are a lot of things that happen that cannot be explained. They have happen in my life, but I refuse to believe that this man is anything less than a showman.

(I hear my friends that know I read tarot cards saying.....wait a minute. And you should call me on that. Yeah, that will be another blog entry.)

His shows are edited to make him appear to be a better "guesser" then he is. There are documented cases of people that have claimed that he was completely off, or after they thought about what happened, they see what he was doing. Now his contract for anyone who is on the show states that they cannot say a thing about what happened in the studio. If you are so good at this, why not let them tell everyone?

So, how did I get total hate and disgust you ask?

I have always believed he was a fraud that annoyed the crap out of me. But I did not become rabid in my loathing until he pulled that famous publicity stunt, he claimed to be talking to Terry Shiavo when her story was hot in the media. I was swearing out loud in my office the morning I saw him on TV - good thing no one heard me :)

That stunt put me over the edge. Don't get me wrong, if you want to mess with ignorant/scared/grieving people in the privacy of your own television studio, you are still a jerk, but be my guest, I can't stop you (though I would love to). When he got involved in a media case like that he was just grandstanding. (Being in marketing, I understand getting your name out there, but that was horrible to watch!)

My message to John....

"Listen you charlatan, you are messing with the memories of peoples loved ones. You are taking advantage of venerable people that are in pain. That is completely unforgivable. If there is a hell, I hope they have a special place next to the main furnace for you, with a radio that plays only John Tesh, Vanni and Phil Collins."

I lost a very important person in my life recently, I miss her terribly, but I told her that I loved her, did everything for her that I could while she was alive. I have absolutely no regrets. I think back on her with only love and gratitude.

Lesson today - talk to people while they are alive.

So to all my friends and family out there - peace and happiness to you! And don't watch Crossing Over - or at least don't tell me you do.

Next time. a Halloween post - I promise :)

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  1. His hairdo is pretty evil too (of course, not half as evil as him). He and his hair = a one/two punch.


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