Friday, August 1, 2008

Sometimes, I want to move

I know I promised you "worse than John Tesh" or something like that, well, I am going to disappoint you.....I will share this story instead.

The other day when I was getting my flowered toe nails at my local salon - I ran into the Mrs. Southeast Portland. It was a disturbing - sometimes I forget where it is I live.

It was just me in the salon, so they asked me what I wanted to watch on the big plasma TVs? "Just a blank screen is fine with me," I said, they laughed. They thought I was kidding.

I don't watch TV, so I drew a complete blank and said "the news", because I am a radio or music type person, I only listen to NPR and on occasion KNRK. (BTW- thanks to my friends in Ashland Tom & Pat who kept us connected to NPR from Ashland to Medford on our last trip to Southern Oregon - otherwise Jeff and I would have to talk, to each other!)

Back to. . .

I was only half watching the news (something to do with flowers on my toe!!!) and I heard that ......

Randy Pausch died :(

I have been watching the Last Lecture Series (on youtube), normally a bit boring (but Jeff and I like a bit of that - we get to the Science Lecture Series in Portland as often as we can) and I am used to boring - I work at a very boring place. :)

Well, for those of you who don't know Randy's story, he made one of the most memorable lectures at Carnegie Mellon (the people that host the series) that I have ever seen. I was talking to the staff about it and they were all writing down his name and information about the lecture series - I like to share.

I was sad to hear he was gone and was listening to the story on the news (I am as surprised as you!)

And then Mrs White Trash Southeast Portland came in and sat down in the chair next to me. She proceeded to complain "who watches the news anyway", then insisted they shut it off .....

~ deep breath ~ she could watch a movie. And not just any movie, she proceeded to list off all the movies that she had seen recently, "so don't put on any of those." Well, we come to find out that her list was not complete, because the movie they put in apparently he had seen, and she insisted they put in another. Well, the next movie they put in she had never hear of and she didn't like the title. I could not bear this any longer, I lied and told her it was a good movie, I was done and (happily) leaving anyway. (Anyone seen the Water Horse?)

It appears the reason she comes in the cheap (but brilliantly staffed) salon is so she can watch a movie to get "away from it all." I think they call that a spa, but I bet they are out of her price range (oh, some people bring out the best in me!)


I get that, I like to relax, I am not good at it (husband can testify to that), but I understand the concept. But, to not ask any one else (and there were now several more people in the salon) if they mind, was rude. I guess it could have been worse, she could have asked them to change it to a regular TV show or .....a reality show.

In my house is for sale, and I am moving to Edinburgh.


  1. In my mind we live in Edinburgh...well my heart is there anyway. Maybe one day my body will join.


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