Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am gong to be gone

in a far away land for a while.  Oh, and before you think of coming over and nicking all the stuff while we are gone....we have a house sitter.  We have three cats that are used to husband being home all day....how could we not! :D

That is why I have not been posting.

Taking a group of 11 friends to stay in a castle outside of Glasgow.  :D

I promised Courtney over at Haunt Jaunts that I would do some posts from the Edinburgh Ghost Walks.  They are my FAVORITE.  So I will email her and hopefully she can post our adventures.

I will try to update this blog as much as possible.....but that really depends on my Internet service. :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and I promise to look at you pictures and stories as soon as we get back.

Oh, and more information on the Haunters Video Awards when we return.  Start gathering you videos and pictures!

Everyone take care.....even if I don't post....remember, I am thinking of you!


The Frog Queen


  1. Don't stray from the path! Stay on the road, and keep clear of the moors!

  2. ... And look out for the black panter;) Sounds awsome, would love to stay in a castle for a few nights!! Been visiting a few deserted, supposed to be haunted castles in England and Scotland.. No ghosts to be seen, but a hell of an architecture and spooky enough by themself:) Hope you have a great holiday!

  3. bring me back a gorgeous highlander! in a kilt! he he!! :)

    have a great time!

  4. Be sure to visit Mary King's Close and leave a little doll or toy for Wee Annie's ghost.

    Have a fantastically Scottish time. Raise a quick one at the Frankenstein Pub for all of your haunt pals at the Skull & Pumpkin! :-)

    Safe travels-

  5. Have a ton of fun, and I hope some scary fun too!!!!!

  6. I wondering if I can out wit your house sitter and cats by putting cat nip and a taco bell bag on the front door? I just want to steal a few tombstones and the crypt. LOL

    Have a great time. Don't forget pictures!

  7. Have a fabulous trip! You and I were supposed to try to hook up while you in England, but it's looking like my work schedule is going to scotch that.


  8. Oh, man....
    You are so lucky.

    Have a fantastic trip!

  9. Have a wonderful trip and safe travels!

  10. Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to the photos. It was an Edinburgh ghost walk that got me addicted to historic ghosts tours. :)

  11. Have a great time! I would love to stay in a Castle in Glasgow. Hope you post some pics of it.

  12. And we werent invitted?! ;)

    Have a blast, that sounds friggin awesome Froggie! Be safe!

  13. How AWESOME for you! Have a safe and fun journey, my friend. We all expect you to bring back lots of stories and photos from your trip!

    - Ellen

  14. Have a safe trip, Look forward to stories and pictures.


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