Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I do love all you blog friends

All the responses to the "please don't celebrate Halloween" on Sunday post just cracked me up.

Well, fortunately I had my filter on that day - sometimes my PR voice is of use to me outside my job!

But it was funny to hear Dawn's response...cause I have had to call husband over a few times...."You need to take this one honey!" And then under my breath, "Cause I might punch someone."  He knows I am not kidding and has kindly come to my rescue many, many times.*

But I really wanted to say exactly what husband (and the same vein as others of you) said

"Even if I wanted to cancel it how could I? The road block signs are already rented. The police are scheduled to be here. The kids and families are coming and the decorations have been up for a month. There is no sign in the world that I could put up that would stop all of that."

And what really made me laugh is in my head were the same words that ShellHawk said (I knew I liked that lady for a reason!)

"Well, gee, there are about a thousand people expecting to come out here with their kids tonight to see it and have a good time, but since you asked so nicely, I guess I'll cancel it. Just for you. But would you mind terribly standing out here with a bullhorn to tell them you asked me to cancel when they plan to come here with their kids every single year and have done so for the past ten years? Thanks, ever so."

That is really what I wanted to say....almost word for word.  Scary huh?  Now you know why husband says that she and I can never live close to each other....he is not sure the world can handle it.  Me?  I am willing to give it a rains an awful lot here.....



  1. rofl....that was excellently put by shellhawk...and I think it would be wonderful if you two lived closer to each other...I know we folks in blogland would be in for a real treat...hehe

  2. Cocktails every Thursday or Friday night.

    Think about it.


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