Thursday, November 4, 2010

You know what should be in this post?

Pictures and video of the haunt....yes, that is what should be here. 

But it is not....and don't hold your breath.

I am so behind schedule right not it is not even funny.

I still have not packed the inside of the shop....which I must do before we bring all the props in on Saturday, so no sleeping for me!

Finally got a dry enough day to web the SpiderFest 2010 looks awesome.  Would you like to see would I! :D

Oh and Marci has some absolutely stunning...really not exaggerating...they are amazing photos of the Nightmare Factory that we can now show you....wanna see?  I have seen really do want to see them....really you do...Oh, why don't I post them....well, yeah.....yet another thing I have not done.

My house is a disaster.....

I am really behind on thank you notes and responding to emails.......

Having a big snag with the Haunters Video Awards (again), it is always something every year....

Yesterday my phone died for the second time in two months....really bad timing because....

I am leaving for the UK in 5 days for 3 weeks! Still need to shop and pack for that....

And because I am going to be gone for so long.....I am working lots of hours at work to do three weeks of work in one.

I so need a vacation!

So my blogger friends I apologize for not visiting you as much as either of us would like (and I have been leaving much simpler/incorrect or just plain lame comments - I know, I suck) and that I have not posted pictures of the haunt and some of the cool things we did this year. 

I am lame.  I know. 

I apologize.


  1. Don't sweat it! I SOOOO know where you're coming from! Hey, when you DO get around to posting pics it''ll be a great little treat for us...even if it is weeks after the fact. Believe me, I'm DYING to see pics, but you shouldn't feel bad about taking care of your business, both personal and professional.

  2. Holy moly, girl, you've got a crazy schedule. You need to hire some minions or something!

  3. Chill! You gotta do what you gotta do! We can wait, we're patient. Life first, fancy schmancy blogging later.

  4. Ah, quit your yappin'. You're going on holiday to the UK. The rest of us are to busy trying to figure out how to squeeze into your carry-on to notice anything else.

    Actually I gave up on the carry-on idea when my bottle of scotch and I came to the difficult realization I'm not that bendy.

    I'm now resigned to hoping you can get your hands on a vortex manipulator wristband or sneak the Tardis out and give me a lift.

    I'll just settle for pictures and stories. :-)

  5. Hey, I can be patient....
    You get yourself all nice and caught up.

    But I DO want to see some pics and vids something!

  6. "Don't torture yourself, Gomez. That's my job."

    Seriously, though, don't worry about it. I'm headed to L.A. tomorrow (a trip I hadn't planned on, but it's not an emergency) and maybe I'll get some progress made on pics and video then. If I can put it off, so can you.

    BTW, there are frogs outside both my front and back door who want to know when their queen is coming to visit. "Chris. Chris. Chris," they keep saying.

    Silly frogs!

  7. You are NOT lame!! Enjoy your vacation and breathe!! We will all be patiently awaiting photos and video when you return...



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