Wednesday, October 14, 2015


the bat.  Being a huge Haunted Mansion (this is why we are all her on the Davis Graveyard crew) fan, I have always loved everything Disney.  So when the crew suggested the Freddie the Bat tombstone...I was 'hell yeah!"

Just to be fair after looking at this picture we all have found that our tombstone is way too narrow....we might have to do this again.  LOL!  Like we have ever done anything right the first time! ROFL!

We have our designer crew member layout the epitaph to match the original and we print it out an carve it out of white foam. 

Then we add trim (more white foam) to build up the sides and matched the aging to the original tombstone.

We notice that the bats look like they are metal, not stone, so we decided that they should be carved out of pink foam, not white - so we can get the correct texture.

So after the trim in on and aged and shaped to match the original, we all the pink foam bats.  The feet on the upper hanging bat are carved separately.

Then after trying several techniques to get the hammered metal finish on the original using a ballpein hammer and other tools with no success.....we find a dremel bit that sanded out round divots in foam!!  We have a winner.

We painted the tombstone and the bats separately and then attached them after they were painted.  We dry brushed the tombstone in dark and light gray and the bats are black and light gray and then glued on.

This is the final piece......for all us Haunted Mansion fans!

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