Friday, September 23, 2016

I keep telling myself

that there has to be a perfectly good explanation for this.

I tell myself.......I will not dial 911,

There is no one in the house.....I imagined it.

...but I still cannot get out of my mind that as clear as day, I heard two men talking, and it sounded like they were in the house.

I am still surprised at how much it startled me.

I have been working at home for years now, and never really worried about being safe in the I must be making this up.

Here is what happened.

So, I am working on some Etsy/Put a Skull On It, stuff in the basement, and I am just about to head upstairs for something.

Then I hear it......

......very short exchange of words from two guys......'something, something' then "okay, yeah".

I am home alone all day, so I know there is no one in the house.

I am not expecting any repair people until tomorrow.

Even though I know I imagined it.

I had to.

I am a little wary going up the stairs.

This is silly, I tell myself.  There is no one here and I imagined it.

I get to the top of the stairs and say "hello?"  At this point I am not sure if I would have prefered an answer to confirm I am not hearing voices......over there being some strangers in my house.

But, as expected.

No answer.

No one there.

Of course not, because I imagined it and there is no one in the house, silly frog queen.

But I cannot shake how real it sounded.  Those voices where in the house!!!

I do have some new music playing on my iPod, first time I have listened to this, so maybe it came from a song.   I go upstairs and start the song from the beginning, maybe there was talking before the song started, some studio banter that got left in the take.

Nope, just music.

Well, crap, that is not it......

Maybe it came from outside.  So I head out to check it out.  The yard is partially up so maybe someone is just snooping around.  Yep that is what it must be.

Because I know I heard voices and I know I am not crazy.

But just to be sure I grab my phone and think.....would it be faster to voice call 911, or should I already have it up on my phone so I just have to hit call....I always tell myself I will not be that stupid person in the movies....I will call the police....and apologize afterwards.

WTF? I went from there are men in the house that want to kill me way too fast.  This is silly,

I walk out the door, and walk around the yard looking for the source of the voices.

Maybe the guy that checks our water meter (our weird house has the water meter up on the property instead of at the street, so they come into the yard every month)  maybe he is training a new guy, and they were chatting about the house/halloween decor.....

That must be it.

No one is there.

I really must have imagined this.  Call in the guys with the white coats.

Head back in the house.....then I notice I was working in the shop and left the door open, I should go check to see if then are in there.

No one.  Just Hal, the Halloween Cat, sound asleep on the couch in the upstairs of the shop.

Now I am just being silly.  Tell myself to just let this go.

I am feeling very stupid and confused......then I of the crew can diagnose if  I am crazy!!!

...but she is on vacation....crap!

...just let it go.  

(I have not seen Frozen, so if you have that song stuck in your head....I did not do ti on purpose.)

Come back in the house and both Dor and Mason are sound asleep on a blanket in the living room, next to each other.....very rare,  Like many siblings, they hate each other.

On top of that they are my two feral rescue cats....they jump if you drop a spoon on the floor.  So if anyone was in the house, they would be long gone.

But no.... they are napping cozy.  So I just imagined it.

And note to should get a lottery ticket, because this is getting weird.

Still cannot get it out of my head how real the voices sounded. 

They were in the house.  I know it..

But there is no one here.

I am just about ready to google.....'is hearing voices a sign of insanity?'

Now here is the rub

Because I was feeling kinda creeped and confused, out I decided to message husband at work.

Here is what happened:

Me: I know there is a logical explanation for this.....but I could have sworn I heard to guys talking for few seconds in the house....but there is no one here.

creeped me the fuck out.

husband : I'm on my computer (remotely from work) down in the office and playing DG videos with sound! posting 2015 and 2014 DG videos to youtube 

sorry about that

Me: scared the shit out of me....I was in the basement when that happened well at least now I know where it was coming from

Thanks for scaring the bejeezus out of me.

husband: LOL I am so sorry but damn that is funny!

well on the positive side I got 2015 and 2014 videos uploaded and the gallery page current

Me:  I hate you

I am going to delete the remote access software off his computer.  Oh, and by the way, we have updated the Davis Graveyard YouTube channel - that was the long way to tell you that :D

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