Sunday, September 25, 2016

They are putting blood in the ice cream

(shaking my head) Oh Portland, you never cease to entertain me.

We really are a group of weird people.   And I love you.

Even when you do something silly like put blood pudding in your ice cream.

I kid you not.

Salt & Straw (a local Portland fav for ice cream) has announced it's Halloween flavors.   And you guessed it, one of them has blood in it.

Some days it is really good to be vegetarian.

I give you Dracula's Blood Pudding.   The ice cream includes real blood.  For those of you that do no know what blood pudding is.....that is what google is for.  It is disgusting, trust me.

If that is not enough they say it has a 'hint of chicken liver'

OMG - you have got to be fucking kidding me!!!!!  Who would do something like that to ice

(sound of frog queen get out of her chair and running away)

I am back now, good thing my office is close to the bathroom.  I think I just lost my appetite for ice cream for the rest of my life!

Oh, but wait, there are more!

Great Candycopia - lots of candy crushed up in butterscotch ice cream.
I mean, how can that not be awesome!

Jack o' Lantern - Pumpkin sherbet.
YUM! Frog queen 100% on board with this one.

Essence of Ghost - A grayish sherbet which is bitter, sweet with 'slightly musky' flavor.  
What the hell is that supposed to mean, you are just shitting me now!

Love Potion Sorbet - a combination of aphrodisiac fruits and spices
How do you tie that to Halloween??  No, that is not a rhetorical question.  I really want to know how that is Halloween related.  Really?

All kidding aside, they do make great ice cream and if you are in the Portland, Oregon or Los Angeles area.  Check it out.....except for the Dracula's Blood, no one should try that.

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