Thursday, February 16, 2012

Haunters are so cool

We want to say special thanks to the 2011 Home Haunter Awards judges.

These are all previous winners of an award and a talented and generous group that loves haunting as much as we do.  

We just want to say thanks in advance to our judges....we know that they have a difficult task ahead of them:

Nic Andrews – Best Yard Haunt 2010

Joseph Keller (Mr. Macabre)  – Best Animated Prop 2010 

Thomas Chance – Best Animated Prop (Vanguard) 2010

Chris Ainsworth – Best Video Production 2010

Paul Jameson – Best Animated Prop 2009

Thanks to all this years and the past years judges.....and remember it is not too late to submit.  We will be taking entries until midnight this Friday, February 18th.

Looking forward to seeing all your haunts!!


  1. We computer stupid people can't figure out how to send ours in. Mine is too big to send in as an email also. :(

  2. Wow! Those are some awesome haunts! They totally deserved to win!

  3. Looking forward to judging, but I know it's going to be hard with so many amazing haunts.

  4. I think I finally did it...

  5. Thanks Jay....I believe we got your video....the more the merrier!!


  6. can't wait to see everybody's videos this year. really appreciate all you guys taking the time to do this.


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