Monday, February 6, 2012

You know when you hear something

and even though you have never heard the sound know exactly what it is.

Could just be a cat owner thing.....

Anyway, tonight I was sitting at my desk trying to design a brochure when I heard this sound, I had not heard it before, but I knew that it was the sound.....

...of a small pumpkin rolling around on the hardwood floor in the living room.

Now, even though I knew what it was, I had no idea how said pumpkin made it to the floor.

I mean my cats are just as resourceful at getting something from impossible places as the next cat.  But this particular set of pumpkins has been hanging from some curly willow branches in a vase on top of a bookshelf for a least a year. Safe and sound.

Without the cats standing on top of each other (which would mean "teamwork" - which I am almost certain in not a word in cat language) I really do not know how they got to it.

So, I head out of my office to rescue it and see it rolling across the floor......not a cat in site.

Hum....that is odd, I pick him up, and it is indeed one of the pumpkins I thought it was, I look up to the branches, and see that it is indeed missing....but still no sign of a cat.

Maybe I have a ghost....or said pumpkin is possessed (I did get it from Bean, so I imagine that could be an option....she is very clever) and managed to get down by itself and make a run for the heater vent, likely trying to escape from the cats.

Who knows......So I put it back and head into the office.....when I hear the noise again.

And see another small pumpkin come rolling out from under the couch....the one I check under for a cat just seconds ago.....

...I think wow, two possessed pumpkins!

I am now a bit concerned....I actually have six of these pumpkins......if I turn around and find them all gone....I am going to believe that I stepped inside an episode of the Twilight Zone and get on the phone to the real estate agent....I have seen too many ghost stories....if this house ends up being haunted....I will miss the house.....but I am moving. :)

Quick look and a count and looks like I am that moment I am distracted by Hal who comes shooting out from under the coffee table and bats the poor pumpkin in the kitchen.

Okay, that mystery is solved......but I still do not know how they got up there and got them down.....maybe cats are just magic.


  1. All cats are magic! Half in this world and half out, all the time. Yours have probably just picked up an extra talent or two! :OD

  2. I'm with Shell on this one.

    Also- living in a haunted house is not all bad. Really.

  3. Cats are sneaky. And magic. They're filled with sneaky magic. Yeah, yeah. That's it!

  4. I'm sure the cats just called on their Dark Lord and Master, and he levitated them up to knock those down. I know for a fact that my cat is in league with ol' Scratch. It's his mission in life to fulfill his Master's work by sowing mayhem in my house!

  5. It is probably not a ghost, but you should use the anecdote to write your own ghost story. Or better: say it is a TRUE ghost story, that the place is REALLY haunted and you'll make a fortune.

  6. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of a feline on a mission. If they had opposable thumbs, we'd be in deep do-do.


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