Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things are gonna change

We had a meeting with crew this weekend and it decided.....that (put deity name here) we are going to replace the 6 year old crypt....it looked good at the time....but now it makes me chringe when I see it....

...that said....is is for sale......if you come get it I will make you a great offer........

.......it will look great in your yard....just -put it towards the back and use a good fog machine....it will look fine....trust us! :d


  1. I'm planning to build one this year... Too bad that I live at the opposite side of the continent, otherwise I would have spared me the trouble of building one by buying yours.

  2. I'm always in trouble with my wife because Halloween is 24/7 in our house. She's always telling me I'll be sleeping in the dog house. This would be a great dog crypt house for me, is it big enough to sleep in?


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