Friday, February 10, 2012

So how about we extend the date

to February 18th?

We noticed that a lot of haunters had not submitted videos for this years Home Haunter DVD we thought we would extend the date and give you another week to send us your videos.

We also updated the time length, we were asking for under six minutes, but we know that is hard for some people and we do not want to discourage anyone for participating.    So we will try to accommodate any time length (within reason.....I mean 30 minutes to an practically a movie - and that would be a whole different DVD collection :D)

So for those of you that procrastinated (like me - our video just got done....just) it is not too late to share your creations with the haunt community.

We know that many people have their videos on YouTube - if you cannot send us a video and the only way you can get it to us is from YouTube, we will try to download it, just know that many times the resolution is too low for DVD quality, so it might look fuzzy...really fuzzy.  But just like the dark making things look better...fuzzy might be a good thing....hummmm....I might try that on our video :D

And, I should stop to say thanks to all you great haunters that submitted your video before the rock!

We are at about 65 videos right now....we would love to hit 100.

Oh....and we have the judges (previous winners) all ready to hand out shinny skulls to this years winners!!!  Trust me, it looks really good on your mantle :D

Thanks everyone, now back to prop building!!!


  1. Looking forward to the DVD collection. What a fun idea.

  2. ShellHawk = loser. Going to do it!

  3. gah! Stop the suspense and announce the judges all ready! I'm so excited about this! :)


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