Sunday, February 12, 2012

So husband asks me....

....can you grab last year's HAuNTcon badge?

Sure I I walk to the door of my office and look through the large pile of Halloween convention badges hanging from my office door.

.... :D  Yes, I tend to get around!

I am looking through the HAuNTcon tags and notice that not all of them have a year on them....not something I notice at the time....but seems pretty bloody important now!

I grab this one and tell him.....I am pretty sure this is the one.

....although I do not remember being "staff" ever.....but that is pretty cool!!!

Which at this point tells me I am pretty sure this is the one.....cause I remember very little from the convention last year, because I spent most of it in a room carving and painting.....and when I was not there....I am sure you could find me and the crew in the bar! :D

So we are working away and husband hands me one of the new badges he is working on (with super cool QR codes on them) and I go to put it in the holder, that I am guessing is from last year, to see if it fits......I pull the tag out and start to LOL....

....husband looks at me and I point to a corner of the badge.....

.....he does not immediately get it......I keep pointing......

....he eventually sees it.....the badge is full of foam... white and pink!

For those of you that were there last will completely understand why we laughed....yep, there was no doubt that is was the badge from last year.

....we were so busy carving that we did not even notice that the foam was flying......everywhere!!!


We will be back at HAuNTcon this year......and hopefully, not tethered to the Make-N-Take room like last year......after that experience we have a new plan. :D

I want to take a moment here to thank the DG crew.  We sold them on attending the convention and how cool it would be......but they spent most of the time in the same room we did and did not see much of the convention....that is dedication....we appreciate your help.  We could not have done it without you...., here is to a less "foam filled 2012 convention" - although Leonard is asking us to do another Monday workshop......if we can find a way to dry monster mud in a few hours, we could use a lot less foam!!!

See you all there.......


  1. Love this story! It reminds me of a personal experience. Years ago, I was heavily involved in the Rocky Horror shadow cast in Houston. For years I was the regular Frank N. Furter, as well as a casting director for the show. Now, I haven't been involved in RHPS at all since 2000, and the bulk of my time with the cast was from 1989 to 1994. I recently pulled out an old coat that I wore during that time...and found the lining was FILLED with rice! (if you're familiar with RHPS, you know why). I got a kick outta that!

  2. The Gill-Man - that is a great story - thanks for sharing!



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