Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How far back can I go

I am so far back on blog posts that I am reaching back to December 2011 - yeah, I know it is August.....but I am going to crawl my way out of this hole that fell blog post at a time.

Some of my favorite people in the whole world....and members of the official Davis Graveyard Crew, gave me this for Christmas.

They gave it to me because they helped this guy out with his Kickstarter I have the best crew or what?

Thanks my friends (Toph and Dawn) is in my office and has so far been able to avoid interaction with the resident felines (Dorie, Mason and Hal - I did in fact list them in order of evilness......Dorie, is likely 99.99% evil)

Yes, this a sign.....I am have all been warned!!


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