Monday, August 27, 2012

Those who cannot do....teach

so, since I do not have a morner props in my yard anymore....cause I hated my old one so I sold it.....I mean  it was fine and all.....but we just never clicked....this was not the prop I was meant to make....

...we are much happier now that we are seperated. :)

So, since I cannot make a morner that I like, we thought we would teach a class on how to make them, to see if maybe that is the path I was supposed to be on...... tell me.  Here are pictures of the 2012 Davis Graveyard Universtity Mourner Class...

Yeah, I am not replacing this prop in the yard....I think teaching people how to do this one is the right replace her, I think we will make this:


  1. "Old Nick" is nice choice, looking forward to seeing that ine built! Melaten Cemetery has a couple very cool stones but that one is definitely the most creepy!


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