Friday, August 31, 2012

Look what came in the mail!

husband and I are such of our favorite Halloween issues is the Nuts and Volts Halloween came in the mail the other day!


There is a cool article on making a talking t-shirt....just the thing you need for that last minute costume :)

My favorite is how to make your own Van De Graaff generator......I so want one of these!  My favorite part of this article was all the safety "NEVER" in all upper case....yes, NEVER hook up capacitors to the generator if anyone plans to touch it....yeah.  NEVER about sums that up.

And this month featured our friend John Williams from EFX-TEK - we are working with him and Kasey at Vixen to use the new HC-8 to control the driver this year.....more details on that to follow.  We are still waiting for ours to show up in the mail.....darn, Jon Barrowman moving to Tennessee and slowing down the shipments of EFX-TEK (he used to live in Nor Cal) has been an endless source of amusement for us.....we are not the most patient people in the world!

Yeah, I am a nerd...and I am okay with that!

Happy Haunting everyone!

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