Friday, August 24, 2012

My "friends" on Facebook

are not as nerdy/geeky as I thought they were....really people - there is barely a room in our house (and shop) that does not have a computer or on internet connection.

Jeff and I love gadgets....especially robots.

...yeah I am waiting for my maid robot from the Jetsons.....any day now.

So when I made this post on Facebook.

My Roomba did not come home last night.......I think it wanted to get out and see the world. I wish him well.

I was hoping for some witting remarks....but that was not the case.

Most comments where how sad everyone was.....sad?

What the.......

They thought it was a pet.

Okay, first of all, I may have two cats named Dorie and Mason, but I have made that very clear in earlier blog posts that I am not responsible for their names.  Love them as I do.....not anywhere near a name choice I would make.

To no one's surprise, the cat we did name is Halloween Cat - "Hal" for short.

No guesing who's cat that is.

So who would think that I named a cat "Roomba?"

People, please!!!

(I know you are all wondering how this is in anyway Halloween related....give me a moment, I am going somewhere with this.)

It is a vacuum cleaner people, know iRobot makes them and really, if you are a Halloween person you should know what they are because I am sure you have seen these.

Which, I completely plan on doing with mine this October.  Albeit I will have to take the furniture out of the living room.....hum, I think husband will not like that, going to have to do that while he is asleep.

Anyway - my "vacuum" cleaner aka "Roomba" - left the other night to clean the floor and did not return to his base.  That is all I was saying.....and the fact that husband and I could not easily find it.....I found hugely amusing.  Yeah, a joke is a lot less funny when you have to explain it.

But I guess like all things I find hugely amusing....I am the only one laughing.

BTW - I found the Roomba because I heard it crying, it was mumbling something about "the evil demon cats" - Silly me to assume that my cats were "terrified" of vacuums.  Someone in the group must of have done the math (the only thing I am sure if is that it was not Mason) and thought, there are three of us......and one of it. Either they bullied it to hide under the couch.....or it got tired of giving them rides around the living room.


  1. What a cool and creative idea! We have a roomba too. Hmmmm . . . .

  2. You need to get your Roomba a leash! Most likely the cats took it out back and smothered it ;)

  3. Too funny. Reminds me of a sign I posted on a computer at work once that was having glitches. "Danger, Will Robinson." Most of the nurses I worked with were from the Philippines and kept asking me, "Who is Will Robinson?" Try explaining Lost in Space to someone who has never seen it. I love your writing style.


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