Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where do I go from here

I was happy to find my Mourner prop a new home.

Not only is she not pretty......look at those dreadful tombstones......
She was our first upright statue....we made some big mistakes.....and as much as she was "okay" looking in the display, I really never "bonded" with her.

That and her and Joan of Arc were always fighting.......I had to put them in seperate parts of the display to keep them from destroying each other.  

Well, I cannot prove it, but when Joan - at that time "Angel" was close to Mourner - Mourner seem to always fall over. Likely because the angel whacked her over with her sword.

I cannot tell you how many times we had to stand her back up.  

Big lesson not put an unarmed prop next to one with a sword.

That is why I can put Joan and Angel of Death close....they are both armed.

I do not need all this drama.  Someone had to go.

So, this year at West Coast Haunters Convention we took a bunch of our props to decorate for the of them being the mourner.  We did tell a few haunt owners that we were selling props to make money to help with the current build.  At first they offered me money for Joan.....but husband stopped me from selling I offered them the Mourner instead.  They took it.

Husband was not happy.  I choose to believe that she is now at her true home. 

Hopefully Jody does not have any other female statue props......just saying.

Having her gone made it necessary to make her replacement.  We have been looking at this statue for a few years and this gave me the perfect opportunity to run with the inspiration.

So here is the progress so far.......

Making an hour glass

That skull you see in the background is the original Barney head.....a horrible thing.   Just of the record....the frog queen hates them.

I was originally going to use a Bucky - but since this  is a one piece props....we went with a Barney - but I replaced the head (I HATE the skulls on the Barney) with something that is more the correct size.

We make a round base because all our current bases are square.  This we are dedicated to adding props that are different.

We attached his had to his chest and but the  hourglass in his hand.

The red and yellow bands are there because we had to score 1 inch foam and glue it to the base to make it fit in the round shaped.  We had to leave it overnight to cure.  Round bases....not going to have many of them I can tell you!

He looks a bit shocked......I think he might be late for something.

There is a metal rod though the base to hold him in place, since he will be shrouded, that works for this project.

That beige ring on the top and bottom is some very expensive resin flexible molding.  

(That for *&^% For Sale sign is in my shop because some rude real estate agent put it in my yard without asking...I have been meaning to call her to pick it up........damn, one more thing for my to do list!)

We added a plaque that says "time immemorial" in latin. I know it just looks like a pink rectangle....but trust me on this one my blogger friends.

That said....his name is "Time" (Que Tom Waits song here) - and he is the first male statue in the yard.  

If I thought all the girl props were difficult last year.....I am sure I am in for a fun season.  What have we done!!

He has been saying something about freezing his "non-existent" arse off.

Fine - just what I need another nagging prop.

He is going to get his shroud this weekend.  More pictures to follow.


  1. Yes, at the moment he DOES look like he's saying "I'm late! I'm late! For a most important date!"

  2. SOOOOO cannot wait to see the final product!!! He's coming along QUITE nicely!

  3. That looks AMAZING!
    can not wait to see him completed!


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