Thursday, October 9, 2008

One of the vets told me

that she is a smart cat. I laughed a bit, her? Right?

Stern look from the vet.

Oh, you are serious?

(I think, okay, crazy vet obviously does not own a cat)

He goes on to explain that in many cases timid cats (in the way that she was acting) are smarter. They are more aware of their surroundings, that is why they are so afraid of things they don't know.

The "Don't Care" chorus in my head is saying...righttttt ........oh, and we are going to need to see your degree now?

Anyway, crazy vet did cure Door, (for a ridiculous amount of money - so I guess it is me that is crazy.) so he must have been a real vet despite my doubts.

Last night I came in the house to find Door sleeping on one of my Halloween party door prizes.

I believe she saw all the pictures of Hal on the computer or read his bio on the website , and thought well, that is how you get to be favorite cat and get some petting in this house! Feign interest in the crazy owners hobby!

I guess she is a smart cat! Cause it worked.

Door loves her mummy! (*groan* Go ahead, that was pretty painful :)


  1. Shame on you, just shame on you. For Christmas you may receive a copy of, "Get Thee To A Punnery" by Richard Lederer. You think I'm kidding?

  2. lol
    you've become one of those people-
    a contributor to web humor.

  3. LOL!
    Yeah, I had to do it, the voices in my head again.


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