Monday, October 6, 2008

Only at our house

in normal conversation would you hear:

hand me that skull (or arm or leg)

if you put that candle there, it will look like the skeleton has a penis

just hide the controls in his chest

Do you know how many times we took that coffin in and out of the hearse?

What color do we paint the pews

how do you remove the bolt from a skull?

real corpses would not rot that way

which skeleton are you talking about?

did you repair the tombstone?

will the light get too hot and melt the coffin?

Hope you don't mind the smell of formaldehyde

Can you help me install the demon?

we like him, but his skin is kinda crispy

more moss, woohoo!!!

I have the sledge hammer, I'm going to move a tombstone

All in a day's work I suppose.


  1. " any of those big staples? Like the size you'd use to pin someone's skullcap back on?"

    " I got the bone stuck in there..."

    "...just don't mention the drill press right now. Jeff's allergic."

    "...well, we could cut the top of the skull if we just had a proper band-saw!"

  2. LOL!

    And yes, BTW, the staples worked marvelously!

    The band saw again!!! It always comes back to the size of the band-saw!

    I forgot this one:

    ...I think the coachman is a transvestite...


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