Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Your only supposed to cast

good spells. The dark ones come back ten fold.

So I tell myself that turning someone into a toad can be a good thing....maybe that person would be happier as an amphibian, and they just don't know it. I might be doing them a great favor. :)

Anyway, got a request the other night, so I was looking for something useful in my spell book and stumbled upon some mighty odd spells. Yes, odder than turning someone into a toad, which, by the way, was not in this book. :)

After perusing the spells that begin with A and B....here are a few spells I found.

Automobile Accident Prevention

I did know this one, but I checked it out anyway.....Feverfew. Yep, lots of Feverfew.

And as any gardener will tell you there is a reason for that. Because if you plant one small Feverfew plant near your house, it will eventually overrun the property and you won't be able to get out to cause yourself any harm.

Bubonic Plaque

I flipped to this page because I wanted to know what kind of spell causes the plague, (I bet it involves rats!) that seemed a very irresponsible thing to teach. Turns out it is how to protect from the plague. Which I thought could not be near as interesting, but I was wrong!

By far the most difficult spells I can image - the second one is likely impossible.

#1 - You need twins to carve the wooden pieces of a plow out of an ash tree, then assemble the plow and plow a circle around your property with twin black oxen.

#2 - You need 12 virgins of each gender, they have to plow a around the property in the moonlight without making eye contact. Naked.(Okay, that wasn't part of it...but it should be.)

Bullet Proof Spell

Something about eating pine nuts every day. Now I know why they are so expensive.

Banana Protection Spell

You hang a hand of bananas outside your house from a red ribbon with an evil eye strand until the bananas are black. They you destroy them. They were very clear that you don't under any circumstances bring any part of the charm into the house. So, I am thinking if you want to transfer your bad energy to your enemy....mail it to them! I wrote that idea down for future reference.

A little farther down the page caught my eye....

Demon Doll Spell

I know some of you already knew this, but it was news to me. I might be possessed, that is why I am so evil. (Now, in my best Craig Ferguson voice) I know!

I am making one of these, if I put all my bad energy in the doll and burn it, in the hopes of becoming a nice person. (My boss will love that.)

Anyway, did not find the spell I was looking for, and didn't expect to :) So, I came up with my own, as I often do. The usual, candles and cords and silk, and other miscellany. I wrote it down, if it works, I am going to use it again for another project.)

(Focusing your energy and your thoughts, that is the point - always. In spells and in life.)

Reflecting back, I believe I had a good idea on the plague spell, the next one I write will likely involve naked people!


  1. er... wait... If you've got bananas, why do you need protection from bananas? Did I miss something?

  2. LOL! Actually, I hate bananas so that it makes perfect sense to me. I should be more clear, it is a protection spell involving bananas, I believe there is one involving camels too, but I imagine they are harder to get.

  3. ah... So the bananas are, in fact, components of said warding, rather than objects of it. Got it.
    OK, for clarification- would we be protecting camels, protecting against camels, or using camels to just, y'know, generally protect?
    Those evil bastards don't require any of your hokum- they can bloody well look after themselves!

  4. Good to know. Never met one, but I hear they are nasty buggers. Knowing that, I imagine they would be far more effective as a warding charm (in a practical sense) in a spell than bananas.


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