Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is the last one

No more fundraisers at the Graveyard. Thanks goodness. They have turned out to be a whole lot of work for nothing.

I thought I knew how to do this. I work on several large fundraisers for work and in my community. "I have this down", I thought. I was wrong, again :)

Reflecting on the current event, there are several reasons (that I can use for an excuse) for low attendance, but really, I have lost my taste for the whole thing. I do not need to add the time and expense of a fundraiser to my already insanely busy October.

And the terrible feeling I get from not raising any money for someone when I said I could. I am going to need more PeptoBismal :)

I cannot tell you how many people have begged us to come to a party at the graveyard and then when we tell them we do this fundraiser and how much it is, they are "Great, I will be there! Thanks for doing this and supporting our community!"

They never sign up. Never. Not one person that says they will sign up does.

Not really surprised, just disappointed. And to be honest, a bit relieved to be done with the idea.

Go to just stick to donations and raffle tickets for charity.

More time for sleep!

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