Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why do you collect frogs?

I get that a lot, especially when someone visits my office. I have 100's of frogs. Or more, I lost count. And that is just at home, well, they are everywhere.

It started with my sister actually, she pointed out a page in one of the Sandman comics where Delirium was making frogs while in a waiting room.

We both liked it and thought how inspired.

I bought her a frog doll.

She bought me one. I took it to work.

Next time Neil was signing in our area, I had him sign that page of the comic and hung it in my office.

More frogs appeared at work from friends and co-workers. If I did a favor for someone, or it was my birthday, I got a frog. Despite what I am told, I must have been real nice to a lot of people, because I have an impressive amount of frogs (no, not that old - thank you.)

During my obsessed days my sister and I made origami frogs for both Neil and Tori when they were in town (Delirium looked like Tori in a few issues, and they are friends.) We even brought a stuffed frog to one of the Tori shows that Steve her guitar player at the time propped up on the guitar stand during the encore. Excellent!

I get frog pictures from peoples gardens, frog shot glasses, frog labeled wine (Actually, Frogs Leap is rather tasty, I can't say that for any of the others I have tried) frog candy, frog pasta, I have a copy of the Weekly World News with a front page article about "Frog Baby" (really who needs that?) and other frogs too numerous to mention.

I often hear "I thought of you the other day when.....(insert frog story here.)"

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it. I do love frogs - real ones too. But I don't own them (although some well meaning person did buy me one is long gone) anything more maintenance than a cat is a problem for me. I don't even have house plants.

I am going to stick with the fake frogs.

Frogs and Halloween - my favorites. Frog on the Pumpkin.

Oh, and to Mr. Gaiman (cause I know he is reading this blog - not!) - more Sandman stories please :)

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