Friday, December 5, 2008

the year of 14-0848

according to Pantone that is. Is this information important to anyone? Seriously, sometimes they amaze me and I do this for a living.

"Pantone, which provides color standards to design industries, specifically cites mimosa, a vibrant shade illustrated by the flowers of the mimosa tree as well as the brunch-favorite cocktail, as its top shade of the new year, but the company, in general, believes the public will embrace many tones of optimistic yellow."

Now you know everything.

So the purpose of Pantone besides costing me (and every other designer) about $125 a for a new set of color swatches each year they have to find ways to put market "color"

There are about 20+ (last time I checked) different Pantone guides, I use three on a regular basis, formula, uncoated and coated.

Why do I need them? My boss asks me that each time I have to approve a new set in my budget.

Without the books in front of you, it is hard to show, but you would be surprised how different 4516 PMS (Pantone Matching System - yeah, I know what some of you were thinking) looks on matte paper verses printing with a shiny coat (I like shiny). Worthless information, I know, I am full of it.

Then there is process and spot. Spot color - this is when the color I choose actually comes back from the printer matching my pantone deck :) More expensive, very cool. Hardly ever use.

Process, well mixing CMYK, and you get "close enough" - I work in this world most of the time :)

Now that I have bored you to tears, go check your closet to make sure you have the appropriate amount of yellow clothing so you are hip for 2009.....yes, they do have a fashion Pantone guide - would I make that up?

(thanks banshee for reminding me of this, I get an email from them each week full of fabulous information like the color of the year, I read one in 10 :)

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  1. Because of mimosa, I now feel confident and happy that tomorrow will be a better day. Yep, my future looks brighter and brighter and all will be right with the world.
    They are only screening for drugs on the new employees, right?


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