Thursday, December 4, 2008

What could be worse

than 3 dentist appointments in three days?

AND getting your annual review at work?

The chance of a fourth dentist appointment tomorrow (four in four days) for a root canal.

On top of getting called for Jury duty.

Yeah, it may be sunny outside (odd for the Northwest in December) but there is a cloud following me around.

I am going to go dig through my graveyard pictures for new posts, that should cheer me up :)

BTW - when the dentist told me to think of of happy thoughts to keep my blood pressure down (I don't do well with doctors) - I was thinking about ghosts walks in Edinburgh. :)


  1. daaaaaaamn, girl!
    And I was troubled, wondering if there should still be a gaping, sensitive hole where I had a molar extracted last Monday...

  2. Right now it is a baaaaaad time to be allergic to pain medication. The doctors,"have you tried this, and this and this and this, oh, and this....really,....hum, well, can we schedule you for tomorrow?

    So I am worried, what are you planning to do "tomorrow"? Surely not a root canal? Cause that would be painful with no meds? right?

    The broken record says "Can you come in tomorrow?"

    I am begining to think that tequila should be a deduction on "prepaid medical".

    It pains me to say it, but my review was less painful.

  3. I swear to christ that the devil lives and she's a dentist. Hey if god is a woman then it follows the devil can be one also. Oh...I bet there would be less priest on boy action if Catholics believe both god and the devil were women. Yep every female lovin' person reading this just did the half smile glance above the monitor while gently nodding their head move. The real disgusting ones actually said 'oh yeah' instead of just mouthing it. We all loves us some girl on girl mental imagery. Phew.

    Where the hell was I...oh yeah. Dentists...I hate the bastards.

  4. I cannot believe that you just did a porn reference in my dentist blog post! :0

    That is why you are my friend!


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