Friday, February 11, 2011

Does anyone know?

Did all the Norse churches in Cornwall get built from the plans?  Was there a kit you ordered for a catalog?  Did they get a discount for buying supplies in bulk?  :D

Just being silly....they are lovely churches, really.  They just kinda look the same, lovely, but similar.  The really neat thing about touring just about all of the countryside in Cornwall, you can always tell when you are coming up on a town....cause you can see the church tower :)  And where there is a church in Cornwall, I learned that there is also a pub right across the way.  Suits me right down to the ground!

May I present St Keverne's church in Helston.

Notice the pub, just there to the left, the red building...just staggering distance from the church :)

Ringing the bells.  

and of course.....there is the graveyard.

Notice the bricked up windows in the background.

Maybe putting a fence around it was not the best idea....did someone lose the key to the gate, or was this a really unpopular person in town :)

Really love this idea for memorials, tombstones -what a great way to hid something....a wall of plaques.

Never get tired of Celtic crosses


  1. I know your joking, but I bet if you looked on line, you could find plans to build anything!!!!

  2. Beautiful building and, uh, graveyard!

  3. Beautiful! Happy Valentines Day :)


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