Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you were looking for a reason

to go to HAuNTcon (besides it being awesome) - we have it.  For all our fans that say they would love to work with the Davis Graveyard, here is your chance.  Yes, boys and girls, you can spend a whole day working with us  to create a cemetery.

We are one of the featured Monday workshops this year at HAuNTcon!!!  Woohoo!

How did we let Leonard talk us into this :D

We will also be teaching a session on foam texturing as well as teaching two make and take classes (oh, and coordinating the make and take classes)....and I am doing some print work for the convention.

See, there is a reason I have gone a missing from the blog as of late.

Check out this link for more information on the class and to sign up.

So who is going to HAuNTcon this year?  I would love to meet up with you!


  1. Sorry we won't be making it there as I would have loved to met and hung with you!

  2. If it's ever held in Chicago, I might try to visit this Hauntedcon

  3. Sounds like a great con. Too bad Kentucky is so far.

  4. That sounds pretty awesome. No way I can make it this year.

  5. I wish I could, hanging with you and the gang would be a blast. And making a whole cemetery... just think of all the bodies we could bury. The midwest is a perfect place for getting really nice "realistic" buckies.

  6. I'll be there! And if you're looking for good, local eateries, I can recommend a bunch.

  7. GAH! Wish I could go. Don't have vacation till October ;) Hope ya'll have a blast!


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