Wednesday, February 16, 2011

St Just, Cornwall, UK

paid off when we were at St. Just in Cornwall.

We were visiting the lovely (and I do mean absolutely lovely) norman church - it is down by the water (when the tide is in) and there are these lovely little paths that lead to grottos and a ancient pool.....definitely worth the trip.  If you are in Cornwall find your way there, trust me it is beautiful.

So as come up to the church I can see a graveyard around it and one going up the hill.....but we are headed into the the church.  Now I want to be respectful, we are with a tour group and not just say....."hey, I am going to just pop outside and check out the graveyard, I am sure the church is lovely, but....."

I could already tell that the tour guide was a little surprised and maybe a bit put out (and could not understand) my (our) obsession with every graveyard we saw :D  So I did not want to alienate myself any further by rushing off on my own :) 

So I went in the church - which like I said is quite lovely and very old, just like many of the other churches I had see that week....nothing wrong with it .......but to me the real beauty was outside in the surrounding gardens and the overgrown cemetery.

So, I am itching to get outside and when we do he heads up this walkway - which I can tell leads back to where we are parked.....but I absolutely cannot resist the stairs in front of me that lead up through the graveyard.

I figure this, if I can keep within hearing distance of the tour guide, I should be good.  So off I go.  Husband knows better than to stop me - I think he decided to stay with the group just so they did not leave without me.

Thanks to husband for making the video for me.  And I am playing with the YouTube annotation humor me :)


  1. It looks like a beautiful and peaceful place to lie for all eternity.

  2. Love the video, and the music that went with it - so tranquil. And again, many thanks for sharing these pictures of your trip and your walks through the graveyards, you have given us so much (SO MUCH) inspiration for this build year!!!

  3. I am SO glad you went off-tour! This graveyard is amazing! Love the tiered rows on the hill and the overgrown look. Also, would love to have that tall equal-armed Celtic cross in my yard!


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