Saturday, February 5, 2011

We learned a long time ago

that it is much easier to use fake skeletons and bodies for the yard.

Have you ever tried to dig up a grave.  Not easy.  Especially an old know the ones you need to get skeletons out of....the fresher graves are for the bodies.....everyone knows that :) 

Every time I see someone on TV dig up a 50year old grave with a shovel I roll my eyes....really?  You managed to do that by yourself....without a backhoe. 

Don't believe you.

And a skeleton....yeah, they don't stay all connected the way I like them....a pile o'bones is not nearly as scary as a skeleton all connected with those wires and rods and stuff. 

And corpses without the right refigeration rot way to fast.....and are frickin heavy!

Anyway, where was I going with this?

Yeah, we all know that you can get your skeletons over at the Hauntcast site (remember to subscribe it you have not already!)  Chris has some great deals for you there....but body forms or mannequins, they are a bit spendy and I have to say in our experience, it is hard to find the perfect body :D

But we may have solved that problem.  Thanks to this link from the famous Leonard Pickel (Hauntcon/D.O.A.) I present you with this site called Roxy Display - they make bodies!  Not just a male, female, kid body form set.....a whole family of body can order this family as a set.

The have hard bodies and soft flexible bodies and realistic bodies and inflatable bodies....not that kind - that is another link.

Sweet, we want to make a new TOT this year and did not want the bod to be exactly the same.  This is perfect.  We will just order a smaller child.

That sounded kinda creepy didn't it?

We will just order a smaller child body form.  Yeah, that sounds better.

Anyway - great bodies at great gotta love that.

Now put your shovels down, and with a few clicks of your can give some body a home.


  1. thanks! I was thinking of getting one of these this year and they sure do have a good selection!

  2. I just wanted to add that if you thought "we need to buy a small child" would be disturbing to any stranger that happened upon this post - well, don't worry. They would have never gotten through the top, in order to GET to that sentence to be disturbed. I mean yes, WE have dug graves, OF COURSE..... see, thats just the first disturbing part, LOL. *Great. Now I'm humming "We are the Haunters" in my head. I disturb myself! Awesome body find - am checking it out!

  3. Just had to come back and thank you profusely, Roxy Display is AWESOME!

  4. Why dig up old skeletons when you can just make new ones? =D

  5. LOL; bring it.

    Buy a child? Really? I have a couple for sale - real cheap . . just take them.

    Really, no questions asked.


  6. I'm not really looking for corpses or bodies at this time, but I totally agree that digging up graves would be harder than it looks in the movies. I tried to plant a garden on a grave and couldn't dig a 2X2 hole for the flowers the earth was packed so tight.

  7. Yeah, digging up bodies is way different than the movies and TV. Another point is that cemeteries never have security. Anyone can just walk right onto them in the middle of the night and spend hours digging up bodies without getting caught. And no one ever gags or faints or throws up at the sight of a dead body.

  8. "Honey, can I order a child for the haunt?"

    Massive eye roll.

    "Where the Hell are we going to keep it?!"

    Never a convo that will end well in my house.


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