Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not even remotely

Halloween related.

But I wanted to feature a clever gift that I got from a colleague/friend for Xmas.  It is this cool notebook that features the letter "C" on the cover (C for Chris) and the inside between the blank pages for writing it has random pages from books and old ledgers and the front even has one of those old school library index cards.  Very cool I love it.  And let me apologize for my dreadful pictures - I took them in a hurry and have been meaning to retake them for this post.....but if I wait for that, this post would have never happened :D 

He has a Etsy shop "Paper Lunchbox" with all kinds of cool items - check it out.  He also has a blog "Musings from a Maniac Mind" where he recently talked about his run in with the California Milk Board in regards to one of his pieces.

Now that I have written this....I have found a way to tie this to Halloween/Davis Graveyard.....this clever man is the one that wrote the bios of the crew and the about us section of our website.  Wow, I even impressed myself on that one.

Anyway - check out his Etsy store and get yourself some cool vintage stuff.  I particularly love the Dictionary Definitions and because husband and I both love old circus stuff we love the Backyard Circus set.

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  1. I checked out his Etsy shop -- very cool! I learned how to read from the old Dick and Jane readers, so a lot of his nostalgic pieces resonate with me!


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