Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have been missing

a bit because....there is a LOT going on the Davis Graveyard side that I have not mentioned.  Nothing really earth shattering.  Just the frog queen is a little distracted and feeling a bit displaced, or really just unable to settle :D

It does not help when husband posts these kind of posts on his blog.  I wish I had his clarity of mind.  How in the world does he see that?   I wish I could settle and be happy and decide or be comfortable with what is.

So that reminds me I have this perfect idea for the title of my next blog post......

"Well hello there square one, nice to see you again"

Yeah, 2011 is gonna be kinda "interesting" :D

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  1. It's Imbolc. Let the heavy thoughts go so you're free to create!



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