Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Am I evil?

...ha, ha.....ha, ha......

Wait....I know the answer to that question.....anyway.....as you know....all opinions are... ..

Today, I was minding my own business running some errands for projects that I am volunteering for....yes, I am a saint.....anyway......I go to the back of my car to put something away and a big ugly, man eating, demon from hell spider is in there....being the nice life form respecting person that I am,I ran around and batting things around until I was able to get said, evil, demon from hell, sure to weave a web on my steering wheel, spider out of my car.

As he/she (early in the season...could be a he) was scampering away on my driveway....I resisted the urge to stomp on him....more because I am a coward than a nice person....but in my mind.......

I was thinking.......I really hope I run over it when I pull out of the driveway!

Yeah, I know I am a evil person....and I am okay with that!!! :D

BTW - I was being brave and went to Google and tried to find a picture of spider I saw to share with you. (cause you all know there was no way I was going to leave a free range spider (who I knew was going to jump back in my car when I turned my back) long enough to get my camera)

........ I just about passed out looking at spider pictures on the web.......

...trust me it was big and scary.

It looked a lot like this....except I think it had a machine gun! And it was saying "kill....kill...kill....."  Could be my imagination....but I am sure this picture is between complete accurate and straight up imagination....


  1. :D

    I always get a good laugh when I read your spider horror stories.

  2. Some day that spider will save your life in return. Isn't that how things work?

    1. that day will change my life......not sure if I am ready for that...........

  3. That is one scary picture of a spider. Here in England they show up a lot in the houses around September. I don't kill them, unless I get either freaked out or impatient, or both.

  4. Love your spider stories so humorous- I personally love spiders and photographing them


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