Thursday, June 28, 2012

Now it looks like this

we had a model that we made to show the build crew how we planned on building the current mausoleum, it look like this....

tonight we deconstructed it to reflect the new version that we are building this year......

This is a loose translation of what the new mausoleum will look like in 2012.

We talked a few years ago about "ruining" the graveyard.....we started the process with the partly ruined abbey (which will get much more "ruining" this year) and are taking it through other pieces in the yard.  Over the next few years the plan is to make the whole display look in decay and overrun.

Trust me.....partly, in anyway, destroying your props that you worked so hard on is not as easy as it sounds, but here we go.....

BTW - the roof on the current mausoleum is a pain in the ass to install and remember to tie down, so is easier to let things go than others :D

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  1. yeah, I like that idea--that's what I've been going for with my set-up--bedraggled, abandoned and well, 'haunted'! can't wait to see your set-up this year!


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