Sunday, June 17, 2012

Things that actually scare the Frog Queen

I had to take "Hal" full name "Halloween Cat" to the vet after we got back from the West Coast Haunters Convention because he was doing his best chipmunk impression (infection in his jaw) and had a huge gash on his noes.

I had to leave him at the vet for a few days for surgery.........the graveyard was very empty without the official caretaker.

He is back ...but his graveyard duties are limited and he is relegated to handling his duties through the kitchen window until he heals.

BTW - few things really bother me.....but the vet telling me that my cat has to spend the night at the vet and when I call in the morning to pick him up and they say they want to keep him longer........yeah, that scared me!!!

I do not want to imagine a build season without Hal's supervision/disdain.


  1. I hope Hal's feeling better!

  2. Glad to hear Hal received top-notch medical care and is home again on the mend!

  3. aww...really glad to know that he is on the mend!

  4. Poor guy!

    Don't worry! He'll be stalking you in no time! :oD

  5. Sorry to hear about that. I know how you feel when your little buddies get hurt or sick. The good thing is, cats are tough. Halloween cats are even tougher!

  6. Oh I feel your anxiety (and his pain)! Poor Hal! I would feel really scared myself. I hope he is getting better!

  7. Something very similar just happened to us: our youngest cat, Bruce, had not been eating well and they told us they may need to keep him; I was pretty upset. But with daily medications he is doing much better.

    I'm very happy Hal is doing much better!

  8. That scares me too :( Happened to my little cat when I had him neutered. The vet kept him TWO nights :( Thankfully, all was well, but it was still un-nerving.

    I'm so glad that Hal is on the mend :) I'm sure he'll be back to his normal rounds soon!

    Gairy and Zeus (my fuzz babies) send their well wishes :)


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