Monday, June 18, 2012

Perfect reading material

for the bathroom.

From the Asahi Simbun

Billed as “the world’s scariest toilet paper,” the roll will feature a horror story written by author Koji Suzuki, who also penned the popular horror novels “Ring” and “Spiral.” Appropriately enough, the story on the roll of toilet paper is called “Drop.”

Since hitting the market in Japan in 2009, the product has sold some 300,000 rolls domestically. The literary TP will sell for around 200 yen ($2.52) a roll, about 10 times the cost of a regular roll of toilet paper.

The product is made by Hayashi Paper Co., a firm in Shizuoka Prefecture with a staff of around 30. It is the brainchild of Hiroyuki Hayashi, president of Hayashi Paper, who contacted Suzuki and rolled out the idea. The popular author then agreed to write a short story for the roll. It is expected that some people will buy the product as a keepsake due to its gimmicky nature, while others will use it to take care of more pressing business."



  1. I take it the story is meant to scare the shit out of you, eh?

  2. I have several rolls of TP (Gegege no Kitaro, Astro Boy, etc.) but I've never unrolled them. I didnt know some of them tell a story.
    I have the rolls in my emergency earthquake kit because the only time I plan to use them will be


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