Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pumpkins: You could say it was a nostalgic thing

...but I do not think I have a single Halloween memory of carving pumpkins as a kid.

I did not start carving them until I was an adult.

I love them....I love the smell, the seeds, the texture.

We used to carve upward of 24 or them for the Graveyard, until my uber design laws kicked in and I said no more pumpkins: graveyards do not have pumpkins.....

Was that really a reason to stop? I miss them.

(And my scarecrow...but that is another story.)

My childhood Halloweens were not much to remember, so I am glad that the blanks were filled in later.

What I do have is fond memories of my family, including my Grandma, sitting on my patio of this home, with the fireplace blazing, carving pumpkins, at a competitive pace, to see who could make the best or fastest.

My sister and I were always in the forefront of the battle - trying to win in both arenas.

My Grandma is the one standing in the red jacket.

Left to right.  Me, my bother, mom. sister in law, and friend with her kid, his first time with pumpkins.

My sister, front and my sister in law.

Horribly fuzzy pictures...this was from 2004.  With photos that fuzzy...I can guarantee that the frog queen was manning the camera.

Before there was a church facade or abbey(or a new driveway)....we used to line the driveway up to the shop with pumpkins.
Wow, does that bring back memories.......and yes, I have missed them ever since.

With the loss of my grandma a few years ago. my family is no longer involved with our haunt....but they are there in spirit, every time I carve a tombstone.....or a pumpkin.

As far as fond memories go.  I guess I am just late to the party.

Wait, miss frog queen, why are we here?

Today, I was carving a tombstone, on the patio, and for a moment I really missed my sister (who now lives in Florida) she used to sit by my side on that same patio carving with me many, many years ago.  I felt a sad smile on my face, if you know the frog queen....sad is not something I tolerate well.

So I  do something happy.

I sent her a text with a picture of me carving telling her I was thinking of her and missed her.

She emailed me back a sweet message that made me smile as only my sister can do.

Like looking back at the mausoleums  I remember that we have been doing this for more than 18 years.  Things change, the display has changed, people change, really, the holiday has even many regards.

But here I sit, block of foam and exacto knife in hand, just like I did all those years ago, not the the same person, not creating the same things.

I find myself looking back a lot....smiling.

This year, I will bring back a pumpkin or two.

Remembering the a nod to my grandma and my sister, memories of dfferent shades, but very much the same....I miss them both :)

This means that the frog queen is going to give carving real pumpkins a try again...and with a big back yard garden and I have the perfect place for them!

On that note....found this really cool article from 2007 in support of real pumpkins over funkins.  Yeah, five years later.....and I feel about the same way.


  1. First, it's not precisely true that graveyards don't have pumpkins. Sometimes surviving family members will carve them and leave them graveside, just like they leave little American flags on the 4th of July. So you can totally get away with as few or as many as you'd like. (And Hal will have another photo op!)
    Second, I think it's great that you still have those pictures and those fond memories. Your grandma sounded like a pretty cool lady.
    Third, it's great that you have a new crew with whom to make new great memories.
    Fourth, you all need to be my neighbors. We've discussed this. What's the holdup? ;o)
    Hugs from afar!

  2. In my family, we always carved a jack-o-lantern at Halloween. Just one. No need to go overboard, LOL! Then for many years, I didn't carve any. Now My Rare One and I each carve a pumpkin so JoLs have been back in my life for about 10 years now.

    Oh yes -- DO put a JoL or two in the graveyard! They will add just that extra little touch of creepiness.

  3. wait...who made the rule that there are no pumpkins in graveyards? i didn't get that message! maybe there is a random pumpkin vine that grows out in the country and meanders it's way into the graveyard from the field of pumpkins next door?! it could happen! put some pumpkins out!! :-)


  4. I'm facing the same problem with my display this year.
    Jack O' Lanterns just don't really fit the theme (although last year there was a random cart of jackos in the corner...).

    I could always have a few outside the window display.

    1. I like the way you are thinking....I will carve some if you will :)


  5. I think a single carved Jack-o'lantern in the window is plenty. Curiously, I too have very few memories of Halloween. My mom made our costumes to our specifications though only one of my sisters has survived. Baking pumpkin seeds after carving the pumpkin was always a favourite memory.

  6. Thanks for sharing the story. Our lives are strange, wandering paths, aren't they? And even how the things that are the same are at the same time different, and vice versa. While you aren't surrounded by relatives, I would argue that you are still surrounded by family: your crew. :)

    Ok. No sappiness today! We're too busy!

    1. Thanks my friend....that is exactly how I feel....I have a new family, and they love me.

      I am a happy frog queen!



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