Thursday, September 6, 2012

My minion says was not my fault.

Although I am the queen of the is a low job.

I think that Queen of Wine, is what I really wanted. I mean how many Bacchus statues can you put in the yard before the gods notice you?!??!?!?

I got stuck with this lot.

Just of the record....frogs can only say about 20 words, that I can understand, being their leader, you think I would have greater powers........

I have come to the conclusion that they can only speak English so they can lie to me.

They are a troublesome bunch....and if I had not been given the job as "frog queen" by an unfortunate accident in Paris one day.....I would be living much happier - frogless life.

But since they seem to think I am their leader...for what that is worth.

I constantly have to listen to their whinning.

But I might have to side with my minion and say....he was asking for it.....

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  1. That frog showed remarkable self-restraint for a very long time. Let that be a lesson to annoying caterpillars everywhere.


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