Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is all Hal's fault

We had to fill in the "Sleeping Beauty" body.

Because he kept sleeping on her wire frame and crushing her stomach.....sort of like a kitty hammock....cats are evil.

But, will  this cocktail of foam and expanding foam beat the Halloween Cat.....time will tell......


  1. I can totally relate to that. We have an outside cat named Pumpkin who is obsessed with the lap of our straw stuffed scarecrow who sits in a lawn chair in the front yard. The scarecrow often looks like he is spreading his legs in a vulgar manner due to Pumpkin's "bed making" attempts. Hope you have fixed your issue ;)

  2. My cat sleeps on my stomach too and crushes it. It's what cats do.

  3. That's a cute story. I can say that since it wasn't my project getting slept on. :) Glad to hear your project didn't get messed up. That really is a great sculpture. Ked, I liked your story too! I'm sure the cat looks sweet sleeping on the scarecrow anyway.

  4. Definitely a cat thing. Did the same with Trevor for the same reason. Love the shroud tomb look.

  5. Sleeping Beauty looks good to me! You did a nice repair.


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