Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So by Sunday

The new video prop (working title "Margie") looked like this.
In her finished state we want the statue to look like it is an unfinished sculpture.  In the concept drawing we have her part skeleton, but since we did that with the demon angel last year we decided against it.
The new design has her with a cupped hand in front of her.  Since she is a small statue we needed a kids hand to mold.  Thanks to Lex (Dawn and Toph's lovely daughter) for being our hand model. 

After looking at the prop we are thinking of putting a melted candle in her cupped hand with wax running down.  That is the plan today,we will see how the final version plays out.

Here you see we have built up a base from pink foam.  We are going to fill it in to make it look like carved stone and then cover all the pink foam with mud so that it matches the texture of the statue.  Again, that is the plan today, we will see how it works out.

We tested the video on the face and it looks great.  I just need to add some detail to the face to match the model and we should be good to.

We hope to finish her this weekend.

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