Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have never been

a girly girl.  We all know that I really dislike pink and fluffy, ruffly stuff.  But I do like kitties.  That is about as soft and fuzzy as I get.

So husband jumped at the chance to get a photo of me, as he puts it "playing with dolls".

Fair enough, these dolls happen to be small skeletons.  And I was not tarting them up (working on my UK references) up in skimpy clothes and driving her around in a pink car like Barbie.  Although, them, like Barbie look like they could use a sandwich.

So, for a couple years now I have been plotting small statues like the ones I create in full scale for the yard.  But I never did anything.

And now, not to in anyway insult the artist I am about to mention, cause his work is amazing and mine is not...but William Bezeks dolls just gave me the umph I needed to get off my ass, get out in the shop and make one of these things, finally. (Thanks sir!  See people, this is why I blog...you never know where you will find yourself.)

So this weekend while I was making the ghost costume, I thought I would use the scrap fabric to finally make two versions of my idea.

Let us start with the first one....and my least favorite.

This is a Tiny Tim skeleton (about 12 inches tall) cloaked in fabric.  Kinda looks like Joesph, and to and ex-catholic that is scary in its own way....but anyway.  The fabric is too much for that small frame.

I am still debating whether to paint it and see if I can make it better, or rip off the fabric and use cheese cloth instead.  I am leaning towards the latter.

The second is a Mr. Thrifty, so he is about 30 inches tall with more definition, so the fabric works much better for his size.  On this skeleton the head naturally leaned to the right so I just had his hand wired up close to his face - seemed the natural thing to do.

Actually I like him, so far.

I don't think any of you realize what a big step that is for me to say.  I usually have one or many issues with any prop I make.

I can see that I have to do some work on the skull, but I like the pose.  I am thinking that I will put a frog in his hand.

Off to paint him!

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