Monday, August 2, 2010

There are now

20 more people in the Portland area that can now make cool Davis Graveyard type tombstones.  As always we had a great time with everyone. You are all very creative and there are definitely moments where I learned as much for you as you did from me.  I just love sharing.

Special mention to Judith (holding nevermore) who has taken the class three times.  She is making a dead poets garden on her property and her latest edition was Poe.  How cool is that.  I told her to send me pictures!

Congrats to our latest Davis Graveyard University class of 2010!  Room is still available for our next round of classes on Saturday, August 28 -we have a morning class 9-1 (almost full.) and an afternoon class 2-6. 
Thinking of waiting until he last minute to sign up?  We learned our lesson last year and keeping the class size to 12 students max.  That 15 student class about killed us :D  Seriously, I am surprised the crew even came back after that one!

So when the classes are filled....we mean it this time.  You can beg us to add "just one more".....but it won't work.  Trust me :D

Our next class is molding and casting.  On Saturday and Sunday, August 14th and 15th - You only have a few days to sign up for that one so we can order supplies from Smooth On.   Let us know by Wednesday if you want to attend.

Now, back to prop building!

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