Monday, August 30, 2010

Hum....I knew something was missing

When I did the last post about refurbishing Beloved.  She was leaning on a paint can and not on her base.

Here she is finished and ready to go back up stairs (out of the way) for a few weeks.

So the oldest prop in the yard still lives.  What is the 10th anniversary gift? :D

Wait a minute......

You know what? I just noticed in this picture.....her left arm is too long, the one is, isn't it? 

It also looks like she has been working her left arm bicep when we are not looking.

Crap! (*&$@!!!

I am going to have to cut the arm at the shoulder and move it in towards her body.....oh that is going to be loads of fun.

It takes me 10 years to notice that.  I need to be fired from prop making :)

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